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Hi I'm Fransje! I studied a bachelor in Social Psychology and a semester of Graphic Design. After this I combined these two interests in a master in UX/UI design. Besides UX/UI, I love to illustrate! 

I did an internship as a graphic designer/illustrator at a second hand clothing market. After this I worked as a UX/UI designer at a sustainable platform. Right now i'm doing an internship at an illustrator collective to improve my drawing skills even more and to get to know the cultural sector. Along the way I'm doing some freelance projects and personal projects. 

I like to develop products and services that influence users consciously and subconsciously in a positive way. My goal is to make it as easy as possible to live more sustainable. 

Regarding illustration l'm always exploring new techniques of expressing myself visually. I have experience in screenprinting, linocutting, drawing, painting and RISO-print. 

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